Welcome to Fenland Homeopathy

Fenland Homeopathy bannerI am Sian Moss, a Practitioner of Practical Homeopathy. I have a particular interest in treating sufferers of complex chronic disorders.

Chronic pain syndromes are a poorly met therapeutic area, spending time in this field of research I now use the a holistic approach to treat patients suffering with these debilitating conditions.

Principle Investigator at The Homeopathy Research Institute

The Homeopathy Research Institute is working in a close multinational collaboration with the Carstens Foundation in Germany to establish and substantially expand a database, providing the homeopathic community and the general public with access to the scientific evidence relating to homeopathy.

Module Leader and Lecturer at The Centre for Homeopathic Education

Delivering lectures in Anatomy and Physiology at The Centre for Homeopathic Education, where the context of lectures is such that students should leave with an understanding of physiological systems and diseases likely to be encountered in their clinical practice.

My lectures in Research Methods are aimed at providing students with an understanding of why scientific research is performed. By examining the methodologies used for basic research and clinical trials, in conventional, integrated and complementary medicine, culminating in students producing a research proposal for a homeopathic study.